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Supernatural Crossover Challenge

Because it eats your brain...

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The Supernatural Crossover Challenge
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Have you ever wanted to see Supernatural crossed with another of your favorite fandoms? Supernatural is the type of show that was meant to be crossed with so many different things.

The Supernatural Road Trip Crossover Ficathon

What’s this all about?

Inspired by heroesficathon, storydivagirl and ladybug218 decided they didn’t have enough fannish obligations and that since Supernatural is such an easy fandom to crossover, we should run a similar ficathon.

The general premise is to send Sam & Dean into other fandoms on hunts or just passing through. We’re limiting the crossover fandoms to those that are set in the modern continental United States, since it’s a road trip ficathon.

Dates to Remember

Today through Sunday June 17th – Vote in the fandom poll!
Monday June 18th through Friday June 29th – Sign up!
Monday July 2nd – Assignments sent
Saturday August 18th – Stories due

Note: Both banners for the community are courtesy of impertinence

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