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Hey all! I see you've all been posting your ficathon stories! You rock! It looks very sad that both ladybug218 and I are delayed, but we had discussed delaying the due date a week and then I got sick and did nothing about it. So yay for fic! And mine is coming and I am SO sorry (stupid sinus plague)...

Anyway, to the master list!

lynne_mitchell wrote Get In, Get Off, Get Done for ladybug218 - SPN/BtVS

geekwriter143 wrote Semiautomagic – Part 1 & Semiautomagic – Part 2 for shay_renoylds - SPN/Dresden Files (bookverse)

mari4212 wrote Trouble for karrenia_rune - SPN/SG-1

karrenia_rune wrote Little Grey Men for mari4212 - SPN/SG-1

shay_renoylds wrote Gamblin’ Man for storydivagirl - SPN/Ocean’s 11

storydivagirl wrote for lynne_mitchell - slightly delayed

ladybug218 wrote for sneaky_sena - slightly delayed

I also went back and put tags on everything. I hope to add them to the memories when I have a bit more ability to sit on my computer without wanting to collapse.

You guys rock! I can't wait to read all the stories!


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Aug. 23rd, 2007 04:47 am (UTC)
I would have really appreciated an extension if you were considering one. It's a little frustrating that I stressed myself out so much to get this finished and it's pretty obvious that I shouldn't have bothered. I can absolutely understand being sick and I wouldn't hold that against you. I just wish that there had been more communication and a little more consideration toward the rest of us.

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